Hyper Bomb | Light Starz 3D Printed LED Lightbox

$140.00 - $700.00
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The Premium Quality Light Box. Our consistent, superior craftsmanship is unsurpassed. Accept no substitutes.
Hand-made and Fan-Made one unit at a time. USB Compatible and can also run on USB power blocks that plug into A/C outlets. Light Starz can make an awesome addition to any collector’s leisure space. It’s easy to set up and simple to use.


- Measurements_ [See selection specs.] Large, Medium & Small Light Starz are available on most designs.
- Elegant touch ON/OFF & Dimming switch (optional)
- Extra-long USB cable (2.5 meters)
- USB Compatible and can also run on USB power blocks that plug into A/C outlets.
- Light Starz is super safe and built with LEDs inside. They operate at the equivalent of 5 volts DC which is less than a 9-volt battery. Rest assured, it's safe even for children.
- We make it easy. Light Starz comes ready to mount with heavy-duty, wall-mounting D-rings already installed. Additional wall taps and hardware screws are included. We’ve also added an optional “Sticky mounting system” with instructions.
-Light Starz is silent so you won’t be disturbed by an annoying hum. They also stay cool to the touch and will be fine on almost any smooth, mountable surface. Light Starz LEDs typically last 8-12 years. However, we suggest keeping your Light Stars out of the sun to prevent exterior fading. It hasn’t happened, but you never know.


We care about our customers. Because of this, we go all out on packing by taking the time to ensure your Light Starz will get to you intact. All units are shipped in their own “shape to form”, foam padding. We leave no gaps for your Light Starz to bang around during transit as it fits perfectly snug in a well-secured, compact box. Rest assured, all bases were covered to minimize incidents.

The reception of Light Starz throughout the different communities has been tremendous. In light of this, our production schedule has ramped up! However, we will never take shortcuts to make a dollar. We will consistently deliver quality unsurpassed to the fans! A lot of heart is put into every design, so we take our time to get it right. We count on your patience and understanding in this process. Lead times have been revised.
Expect your order to be completed within 10-27 Business Days. Add 5-7 Business Days to Deliver. Of course, it could be sooner, but we’d rather under-promise and over-deliver. As always, the queue is first come, first served.
Customer service is very important to us and we believe in communication. Expect to be updated personally or by a general announcement regarding the status of your purchase. We produce in batches and we ship in batches. Contact our customer service if you’re uncertain where you are in the queue. They’d be happy to help. [officialimageapparel@gmail.com]
We highly recommend ordering well in advance from the date of your special occasion. If you’re ordering as a Christmas gift, we suggest placing your order in late October, or early November. This accommodates our hectic production schedule and potentially congested shippers (UPS/USPS) as they tend to be overwhelmed during the holidays.

However, orders outside of the United States will be billed separately from your check-out. We will email you an invoice that accurately gives an account of what your shipping rate will be. Your order will not be processed until the shipping invoice has been paid. We suggest that you contact us before you place your order to make a more informed decision. [officialimageapparel@gmail.com]
Light Starz is designed, manufactured, packed, and shipped from the United States. Expect extended shipping times that exceed 5-7 Business days if you are outside of the United States.
Also, consider your customs department may charge entry fees for your part of the world. In other cases, they may also hold your package hostage! In other instances, they may simply bill you. Either way, you can expect them to send you a nice notification/ransom correspondence. Hopefully, you’ll get lucky and none of this is a factor.
Please check with your local post for more information. We love our fans around the world and look forward to serving you.